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There's a story and a hug in every box.

At 27 Robins

We want our tangible gifts to others to feel like an embrace. We want them to be useful and of the highest quality. This, along with the experience of so many wonderful and awful moments in life, qualifies us to be the curators at Twenty-Seven Robins and to share our gift of giving with you

Twenty-Seven Robins captures a hug, places it in a beautiful, expertly wrapped box, and delivers it to the people you care for. We are here to help you care for your loved ones by celebrating life’s amazing occasions and honoring them while they suffer through difficult times.


We have tested every product you see on our website. We know you’re busy and we want you to count on us to only have chosen high-quality and luxurious items. Unless we use it and love it, you will not see it here. We are passionate about the environment and strive to sell natural and organic products with recyclable packaging. One item you will love is the award-winning organic waterproof mascara we can’t get enough of. It’s found in the “Wynter,” one of the very first gifts we assembled. Life is painful, this is for when your friend is breaking.


It takes a long time to put a great gift together and it takes an even longer time when the gift is amazingly special,  so please come back often to see how we’re growing. Eventually, there will be no occasion we can’t help you commemorate. Our customers will always be first. We welcome your suggestions for products we should test and occasions we should help you mark. We wanted to hold your attention here but can’t wait to tell you more about us and our process which we will do on our blog. Thank you for finding us. We can’t wait to share our gifts with you.



Courtney is a mother of four and lives in Northern California. Losing her oldest son, Sam, in 2020 was one of the leading inspirations for 27 Robins. She is a mother of three other wonderful kids, has a coaching business that includes life coaching, breathwork, and grief coaching. She also runs a family non-profit, and believes deeply in spreading Sam’s light in all she does. Each box is packed with her genuine love and care. 

Sam’s birthday is on the 27th of February, therefore it’s been a special number to Courtney and her family. One of Courtney’s best friends lost her dear mother shortly after Sam’s passing and her name was Robin. Twenty-Seven Robins.

We focus on making it easy for you to express your love, support, or celebration.


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