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Summer Fun Gift Box

Free & Spirited


This box is a whole vibe. It can be a gentle reminder from home that no matter how far your little adventurous soul wanders, you are always there.  Her rebellious yet nurturing heart has always been a walking talking aesthetic. This box is for the free spirit that lives in all of us. 


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The Gracie

This box is for the women in our lives about to embark on new beginnings or for the women in our lives who have already begun. For the one who is as free spirited as the next. This is for the ones who know life is about living to the beat of your own drum. 



Hammock Bag

These versatile totes are handwoven by artisans in Chiapas, Mexico on a backstrap loom. Perfect for a beach day, the farmer’s market, or as an everyday purse.

Eco-friendly Crystal Ritual Water Bottle

Crystal-infused water transfers the vibration of your crystals into water allowing alignment with intentions from the inside out. Each bottle includes an organza bag filled with a mixture of rose quartz (the stone of unconditional love) and clear quartz (known as the master healer) crystals.

Comb in Marble

Perfect wide tooth hair comb. This comb is great for all hair types. Great shower or beach comb ~ marble textured.It is also a renewable resource ~ essentially made from a wood pulp. It is the same material used for high-end eyewear frames. This material will last longer, and the quality is far superior!

Sand Proof Turkish Throw Towel

For the beach, spa, pool,  shawl, or blanket.

This multipurpose towel is designed to be loose loomed to add character to it. It is  XL sized compared to other towels. For an unexpected element, our towel has a reverse color pattern on its opposite side to mix up your look in an instant. 

Vegan Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

Created with organic, raw plant-based ingredients and naturally tinted with minerals to promote beautiful skin with plant ingredients. It’s unscented and 100% vegan.

This sunscreen is 30+ SPF with made with non-nano zinc oxide for broad spectrum, UVA and UVB, everyday protection. It’s recommended to wear at least 30 SPF daily even if you’re going to the office. Because of the iron oxide that tints this sunscreen, it will even save your skin from your device’s blue light and offer you more UVA protection (e.g. the rays that age skin)!


Milo Hoop Earrings in Cream

Perfect final touch for the outing.

2” Diameter; Organic and plastic free

Hypoallergenic Post – Stainless Steel



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