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Gift for My Girls


Your bridal party is your chosen family long before you started to make your own. This proposal isn’t for a bride but for her tribe. A way to say thank you for all the years shared together, a little “I can’t say I do without you.”

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The Tribe

The day is finally here, and you know like most things in life

you could not have pulled it off without your tribe.

This box is a special moment during a very big day to say thank you. 


Handmade gemstone bracelet

Each adjustable crystal bracelet features a beautiful one-of-a-kind gemstone and are easy to put on and they fit everyone! Simply slide the largest bead down to slip on the bracelet then tighten the bead to your wrist for a custom fit. The bands and components are nickel-free, tarnish resistant platinum plated over brass. The bracelet will look gorgeous for years to come!

Dreamy Lip Gloss

Discover the perfect lip companion – our “your lips but better”, vegan Lip Gloss. Experience the luxurious blend of a smooth, buttery texture that effortlessly enhances your natural lip color, completing your everyday makeup routine with effortless charm. Indulge in its moisturizing formula that never leaves a sticky residue, providing a weightless sensation on your lips. Dream is the perfect clear gloss with a pinch of reflective shimmer.

Beautiful Thank You Card

Hand written notes matter more now than in the past. Handwritten notes are a differentiator. They show the person you’re thanking that you made a sincere effort to acknowledge their act of kindness or generosity.

Pink Sunflower with White Sage Bundles

Premium quality hand-harvested and hand-tied California white sage bundles/smudge sticks with organic Pink Sunflowers. Bring in warmth and brightness into your home with these lovely Pink Sunflower Smudge sticks that instantly radiate the sun’s positivity once lit.  Hand-tied with pride, there are no pesticides or growth hormones and we sun dry our lush bundles for a simply amazing all natural product.


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