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Grief Retreat – 2024 dates coming


This 1970’s farmhouse and barn has been beautifully and thoughtfully renovated. As it sits on top of a hill, this retreat home has views from each window. The decorations invite a sense of warmth, safety, and healing.  With a hot tub, yoga deck, and inside and outside nooks, there is a place for everyone.

For three and half days, we offer our guests a place to grieve, grow, and be still. As a trauma informed retreat, people are welcome to participate in as little or as much as they desire.

What to expect

Our retreat will provide a concentrated and immersive environment for processing emotions, connecting with others who in grief, and learning about this intense emotional process. It offers a break from daily routines, allowing individuals to focus solely on their healing journey in a supportive setting. Our retreat in beautiful Mount Shasta offers various therapeutic activities, workshops, and experiences that can facilitate profound healing and personal growth. As a trauma informed retreat, we have your nervous system supported with all we do. 

Each person that attends receives one of our beautiful gift boxes filled with loving, supportive, and healing products.

Beautiful Location

Mount Shasta is the root chakra of the world, which represents our most instinctive connection to the earth. The mountain stands at over 14,000 feet and offers healing, beauty, and adventure, while the town offers a much needed slower pace of life.

Self Care

Grieving is exhausting for our minds and bodies, mentally and physically. We will go on a journey of clarifying what self care looks like to you. We will take the process of caring for yourself to an authentic, deeper level with practices, products, and support.

Grief Support

We are familiar with the needs of people in grief and as coaches, we invite you to explore and get curious about your grieving experience. We honor where you are at in your process and will offer peer to peer coaching in a safe environment.


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