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The Perfect Self Care Box

Peace & Calm


The Perfect Self Care Box

They deserve a day at the spa but the spa is booked out for three months. This gift is for your sister, your daughter, your mother, your lover, and your friend. It says I love you, I want to acknowledge the work you’re putting in and I want you to feel cared for. 

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The Caron

This is for the friend in your life that dances to the rhythm of her own drum. The Caron allows her essence to glow at her own given time. This gift is a way to let her know you love her… in the same ways she does to you, day in and day out. 


A Gentle Pink Clay Face Mask

A purifying blend of cleansing grains and skin-soothing dried herbs: loving rose, calming lemon balm, cleansing nettle, skin-calming chamomile, and detoxifying green tea.

A Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha Board Set

Relieve muscle tension, inflammation, smooth away fine lines, and stimulate the skin with our beautiful white quartz facial roller and gua sha board sets. Instructions included.

A Honey-infused Hair Treatment

The fresh and revitalizing scent of our Rose Body Oil will help any caregiver wake up and shine! It goes on silky and contains real rose petals that leave behind a rich and sensual floral smell that moisturizes for hours.

Microfiber Hair Towel ​

 Beautifully packaged, this microfiber towel  is soft and plush, making it extremely absorbent and much gentler on their locks. It’s equipped with a snag-free, grippy strap to ensure the towel will stay tucked in place to dry hair in half the time. 

A Floral Breast and Body Oil

A deeply nourishing and lightly aromatic massage oil crafted with wild foraged, feminine herbs and flowers that have traditionally been associated with stimulating lymphatic flow, absolving accumulation, and hydrating delicate skin.

Our Twenty-Seven Robins Detoxification Bath Blend

Our PURE essential oil blend has juniper berry, rosemary, and lavender to calm, relieve feelings of worry, and prepare them for a good night of rest.


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