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The Perfect Housewarming Gift Box

The Warmth of Home


The Perfect Housewarming Gift Box

Help welcome them to their new home. Whether your neatnik nephew just moved into the dorm or your best friend found their forever home, this box will settle them in.

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The Aurora

You didn’t make it to help move the couch but you want to be the first one to say WELCOME HOME. This gift could have been created by someone’s Aunt Dot, the aunt who has spent years curating her stash of products that she buys on repeat for a fresh, healthy, and comfortable home.  Whether your neatnik nephew just moved into the dorm or your best friend found their forever home, this box will settle them in.


A Marble Essential Oils Diffuser

This gorgeous marble glass vase diffuser is essential for taking care, relieving stress, and changing the ambiance of their home.  Perfect for every dwelling. 

Glass Spray Bottle

This beautiful amber and refillable glass spray bottle makes cleaning fun and easy! Just add water, pour the concentrate, and they can clean to their heart’s content!

A Cleaning Concentrate

Formulated by a natural biochemist and a clean freak health-conscious mom, this 100% non-toxic all-purpose cleaner is fragranced with organic essential oils that use skin-safe and food-contact safe ingredients that are Pet-Safe, Baby-Safe, Vegan, PETA Certified, and Made in the US.

Durable and Adorable Cleaning Gloves

Gloves for the dirty jobs and to save their skin and nails. These ultra cute and ultra durable latex cleaning gloves have extra long fitted cuffs.

Earth-friendly Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer balls to soften clothing and sheets without chemicals and save dryer time. Safe for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Soft and Sustainable Bamboo Bandages

Bandages for the inevitable bumps and scrapes. PATCH Natural Bamboo Bandages  are made from soft bamboo fiber, free from irritating chemicals, and safe for sensitive skin. 

Our Twenty-Seven Robins Proprietary Peaceful Oil Blend

Our peaceful blend for use in the diffuser and on the dryer balls containing bergamot and lavender for a fresh, light, and pleasant scent. This PURE essential oil blend both uplifts and soothes.

1 review for The Warmth of Home

  1. Ashley

    I remember when the Aurora box was first put together 🙂 I have always thought it was a subtle, yet thoughtful way to gift a friend or loved one to welcome a new place, or new living situation. Personally, whenever I have moved into a new place (or even adding pets into my current place), my wheels start to turn at the thought of needing to go out and get all the things to accommodate that newness — and about 8 times out of 10, I forget to grab any sort of cleaning or freshening supplies. In addition, theres so many things out there on the shelves and so much influence from social media on what products to use, I tend to get overwhelmed and it’s hard to make those decisions. Receiving the Aurora takes that stress off your shoulders, and gives you a good starter kit on making a house/apartment a home. Plus, it’s not just cleaning! Essentials like a diffuser create a relaxing atmosphere and I enjoy diffusing oils very much so that bit excites me. The bandages are a sweet extra touch, because I always forget to buy those too. Overall, I always notice the smells and sights when I enter a home, and I appreciate that this box helps you get started and create that welcoming vibe for both me, and my future guests.

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