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Spring brings celebrations big and small

Spring and summer are creeping up!  Some of you may have seen signs of Spring already but we still have loads of snow! 

As flowers bloom and the temps warm up, we walk into a busy season filled with celebrations & changes. Many people will begin to celebrate degrees, weddings, new jobs, big moves, and big trips.  The end of one thing brings sweet dreams of new beginnings. 

This one, though, is for the people out there working on things others can’t see. People, from the outside, look to be in a messy middle or in between or confused. We honor the work they are silently, consistently putting into their dreams, into themselves, and their families. 

Many people have struggled this winter with things they don’t necessarily share with the world. Finally understanding how to let go of something you have been struggling with for a long time.  Navigating anxious feelings that you have never experienced before. Hitting rock bottom that becomes a driving force for what you want in life. The wins behind the scenes sometimes don’t come in degree form or get wrapped up in a bow. 

 So while we take the time to celebrate our friend’s big life events, just know we also raise our glasses to all our friends’ inner successes, big and small,  we can’t always see.

Spring is time to think about gifting for each and everyone of your friends.

For your friend in a more reflective season, The Valentina is perfect.

For the graduate, check out one of our self care boxes to allow her to slow down and celebrate all her hard work! The Carey or The Caron are perfect choices. The Lola is such a great gift for someone you want to pamper after any big accomplishment!

If it’s a new house your friends are celebrating this Spring, then definitely check out The Aurora!




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