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The Lola

Earlier today, I watched as my friend rushed around the house while quietly listing off a mile-long to-do list. I sat and marveled at the way her family so effortlessly relied on her and just how gracefully she balanced it all. Her phone rang as her kids walked out the door, and while I thought maybe she would take a minute to breathe in and take in the silence, she answered the phone. She then proceeded to talk to a friend during a time of grief. Knowing how she has endured this type of pain, I knew this must have taken some energy on her part. She gave this hurting friend her attention, asking nothing in return. She did all this while mouthing “sorry” to me, and refilling my coffee exactly how I like it. Never batting an eye.

All day long she kept coming to mind, it led me down a rabbit hole of thoughts. I thought about the circle of friends that I am so blessed to have and while our mornings, days, and nights all look so different, they require so much from us. 

I thought about my friend 12 months postpartum who is just now discovering the after effects of postpartum depression yet waking up every day and taking whatever steps possible to succeed and come out on the other side. 

I thought about my friends who are about a year out of sadly failed relationships and I have never seen them shine so bright. I thought about my friend who finally has made the decision to go after her dream at whatever cost. A number of women and friends came to mind, stories, memories and even tears. I wish I could walk some of them through the things they had to do on their own but this box is a way to let those friends know they are not alone. 

I thought back to that morning and my friend, about how I wish I could have taken that moment of silence for her and wrapped it in a box for a later time, for when she felt ready to slow down: a gentle reminder to take care of herself, to take that moment.

Our Lola box is the perfect gift to remind that special friend to take a moment to slow down.

This is a gentle reminder to take that moment before taking on the day or a sweet pause at the end of her busy day.

This box is an invitation to breathe in all the things that make your friend the person you love and cherish.

Gift a moment  of solitude or peace before all things life take over again. Our Lola box is a way to wrap up how proud and grateful you are to have them in your life. She will no doubt feel renewed and rehydrated. 

Check it out!

This box includes:

A soft spa wrap for post shower or bath, rose facial mist, butter hand cream, our 27 Robins Lavender Oil, and Glow Facial Serum.



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